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    Rumor: Next Metal Gear is Metal Gear Solid Touch for iPhone?!

    Update: It's now confirmed, the next Metal Gear game will indeed be on the iPhone, and it's called Metal Gear Solid Touch.

    What's more, courtesy of Konami we now have some details on the game. It's an original title set in the MGS4 universe, and consists of 8 stages (with the promise of more to be made available later).

    It's obviously controlled via the touchpad (as opposed to the accelerometer), with a sniping screenshot looking a lot like the iPhone's zoom-in text editing setup.

    MGS obsessives will be well catered for, with bonus points accrued through gameplay able to be traded in to unlock stuff like Metal Gear iPhone wallpapers. It's due for a worldwide release in Spring 2009.

    Just over a week ago a curious flash landing page surfaced on Kojima Productions Web site.

    Today, a scan (below) of Famitsu from Wii @ Everyday appears to show that a version of Metal Gear Solid is being prepared for Apple's portable devices.

    To quote: Hideo Kojima said that we'd still have a couple week's worth of speculation on what "A Next Metal Gear Is...", but rumored scans from Famitsu may have spoiled it. It's Metal Gear. For the iPhone.

    Or at least that's what this scan, supposedly from the newest issue of Famitsu Weekly, indicates, a gesture based Metal Gear designed with the iPhone and iPod Touch's touchscreen controls in mind. From what we can gather from this heavily artifacted scan, it looks like it might be a spin-off of Metal Gear Solid 4, which may make it more action-oriented that the turn-based portable outing Metal Gear Ac!d.

    Consider this a rumor for now, especially until we see something that looks more legit - and hopefully in higher resolution. If Metal Gear Solid Touch is what's planned and this is an authentic Famitsu scan, it wouldn't come as a surprise to many of us. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    It's confirmed now.

    UPDATE - Konami have since confirmed. The title will be called Metal Gear Solid Touch.

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    Thanks and +Rep, I updated the Site News post accordingly.

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