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    Rumor: Microsoft is Planning a 250GB XBox 360 Bundle?

    Recently two different retailers released a listing for a new Xbox 360 bundle with a substantial hard drive boost.

    Amazon Germany listed a 250GB Xbox 360 Elite as well as South African site XboxGaming.co.za, both with the same new SKU.

    To quote: XboxGaming reports (via Kotaku), a sales sheet from BT Games shows what they call a "Super Elite" 360 bundle, which comes with a 250GB hard drive and two wireless controllers packed in, for R4199.95 ($646).

    XboxGaming further reports that they confirmed with "local 360 distributor" Comztek that this bundle is indeed coming, along with one that also includes Turn-10's upcoming Forza Motorsport 3 as well.

    All this comes only a day after Amazon Germany posted a listing for a new 360 bundle that similarly comes with a 250GB hard drive, two controllers, and Forza 3.

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    exactly as you said:
    and that shows how Amazon Germany sometimes makes mistakes...
    how is it possible?!? a 250GB console + 2 controllers + 1 Game = 280€ never seen this (and never will be see)

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    Remember, you can't just convert the price Euro/Doller for Rand. Here in South Africa we have more mark-up than you guys do overseas. What amounts to 300 odd euro when converted could realistically be in the 2xx euro range.

    Just a heads up

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