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    Rumor: Halo 3 to get Lockout remake?

    First off, remember this story is strictly in the realm of rumors and loose talk. But with the latest Bungie news update came a hint that we would see more classic remakes coming soon.

    And a further hint was given when a poster on posted a scan of a magazine cover and promptly had his post deleted. Whether or not the above concept art is actually that for a Lockout-remake map in Halo 3 isn't clear, and this is in no way a confirmation of anything.

    Having a version of Sidewinder in the next update, it seems unlikely that there would be a second remake in the upcoming Legendary pack. However, is listing the third Legendary map as a returning classic that is a small Slayer map, so this rumor may not be too far out-there.

    As for the supposed concept shot, it appears to be of a similar structure to the infamous grav lift platform of Lockout. Whether you liked the map or not, there does seem to be a certain amount of correlation between all this.

    Rumor: Halo 3 to get Lockout remake?

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    the level with the trees and the hammer in the lower level reminds me of lockout... didnt think theyd be making a remake of it.

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    Lockout was my favorite map in Halo 2. Best map for Swat in my opinion. I really do hope they do it.

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