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I hate all the hype about netbooks. They are good for just web browsing and emailing and other internet stuff that doesn't involve downloading anything. But for people that accualy use a computer they aren't. They are starting to ruin the Computer market, Laptops + Netbooks are becoming more popular which drives the PC and PC Hardware price up. It also makes all the Operating Systems have less functions. They should just stick what they have in the past..
Not at all... Have you seen prices on laptops, and kept an eye on them for months. The kind of technology youd get in a $700 laptop 3 months ago you can get for $400 now.

A dual core laptop with 3-4gb ram, good integrated nvidia/ati graphics with hdmi, 320gb hdd, vista 64bit, dvd burner, hd audio, and a 15-16 inch 720p capable monitor... for $400... that is possible because of the presure of netbooks capable of hd playback.

People dont want a bloated goliath of an OS, they dont wana wait a few mins for it to Really be done booting.

Companies like Asus, GoodOS (gOS) and google recognize this. Asus has been building a os into its motherboards called Express Gate, which lets you boot in as little as 5 seconds to a linux based basic os with web browsig, picture viewing, instant messaging and email.

gOS already has out a simple OS that honestly look like what i think google's os will look like...as a matter of fact because of its look and its name people think its google by mistake. It is only available on select systems but i cant wait til it is realeased to the public. It lets you boot into gOS, and use that while another os (windows or linux) boots in the background, then lets you know when its ready.

The majority of people are not like us here, they dont understand tech, they arent into gaming. They just want things to work, quickly, with as little effort as possible. They wana check their email, visit a website, im someone, and get off the computer... they don't want to wait minutes to get on only to use it for 30 seconds.

Personally i wish ms or another company would make a light weight, windows capatible alternative to the bulky, resource hungry os's that MS releases now.