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    Rumor: Capcom is Saving Some Wii Surprises for E3 2009

    Even with all of the information that has become available following CAPTIVATE 09, Capcom is teasing more surprises for E3 2009.

    According to the company, among Nintendo Wii surprises two new games will be announced. This comes from Capcom's official Twitter account but unfortunately, no hints were provided as to what will be shared when the event begins.

    The wait will not be too long, however, as E3 starts in a little over a month.

    Anyone hoping for Devil May Cry Wii or a Lost Planet side story on Wii?

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    Devil May Cry = Ok
    Lost Planet = Not ok

    I want a Beat em Up Game. Maybe Tatsunono vs Capcom in europe or a New Street Fighter Game. Or Maybe they can give us Resident Evil 3 and Code Veronica Remakes (like the First One).
    O really donīt want Lost Planet on the will End just like Dead Rising...if you know what i mean...

    This E3 will be awsome for Nintendo.....

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