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    Rumor: Analyst Predicts XBox 360 to get One Terabyte HDD

    Gaming analyst Michael Pachter has briefly mentioned the days of a 1TB Project Natal 'new' Xbox 360.

    He noted he does not see the timing of new releases and digital downloads being a function of anything other than hard drive sizes.

    To quote: Industry analysts have identified the limited storage space of the current Xbox 360 range as a major feature holding the tech back right now, particularly with the rapid developments in movies and games on demand services via Xbox Live.

    "I don't see the timing between new release and digital download being a function of anything other than hard drive sizes," analyst Michael Pachter told

    "I think as soon as we have large hard drives - think the rumoured Project Natal 'new' Xbox 360 with a terabyte of storage in 2010 - we'll have day-and-date downloads."

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    Sure if only there was a 2.5" Harddrive that was 1 Tera-byte, which there isn't. They will most probably add a raid controller into the bit at the top and throw in two drive 500gb ea, which would be good.

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    well 60gb for nearly 99$ and 120 for $150ish or more. I can't imagine the price tag for 1TB. More expensive than the 360 itself?!

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    and at ms-prices it would prolly cost more than the xbox itself xD

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    Where do these guys come from?!

    While there will be 1TB 2.5" drives available in 2010, they will be at a premium price (did you see what the 2TB WD 3.5" drive cost at release?) Sure, 320GB will be dirt cheap (OEMs don't pay what we do, off the shelf), but 1TB will be a significant cost factor in 2010. I don't even think a 500GB will be low cost enough to include...

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    I just stuck a 1TB drive in my PC a couple days ago, but that's overkill for current consoles. There's no point in storing anything but games and DLC on the console itself - you serve movies and music and stuff to the console via some PC media server. If MS had something like Play TV for the 360, maybe there'd be a point to a drive that big in a 360. Heck, I don't expect to fill up my 1TB drive for a while, and I'm getting an HD camcorder for my birthday.

    The next generation of console might come with a 1TB drive, but not this gen.

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    I cringe at microsucks prices on any hard drive. It's precisely why I have a western digital in mine since I could get 120GB for 40 bucks. Currently, a 320GB to 500GB would suffice the general population since most install only games they would be constantly playing. (unless they have a Hitachi drive.)

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    pfft just give us the freedom of installing any laptop HDD out there like Sony does. proprietary devices are lame, most of the people i know has a hacked hdd, MS should take a hint.

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