The RSX specification blows out truth about the matter CELL GPU

Official finally released the RSX specification on the other day

Has G70 the basic core to add on 4 to specially make the core again to 6! ? Extremely suits the Hilbert
piecemeal type to cut the chart to exaggerate and to mold the lifelike picture.

RSX has profited from the CELL design idea in some kind of degree, she has abandoned the GPU
tradition long assembly line way. In CELL, PPE is responsible for the main advancement, but in RSX,
uses G70 which has custom-made to make primarily the core, has custom-made the content including
to cancel pure video, ultra shadow 2, as well as cineFX.

In cell, PPE can control SPE, in RSX, G70 which has custom-made may control 4 to specially make
multipurpose and the multichannel programmable core to 6. (For example apex shade, picture element
shadow, special effect and so on illumination)

Under is the RSX overhead construction schematic drawing:

In the chart the media synergize the part (SME, aka visualizer) can process all apexes, the shadow,
illumination (is direct and indirect illumination), shadow computation.

G70x, then processes the anti- denticle, the image later period processes, the movement is fuzzy.

Also some frame composition

translated by babelfish source


Not sure what those SME's are but it's interesting, could it be extra cores for the memory?