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    Resident Evil 5 for Microsoft's XBox 360 Console is Leaked Online

    Just like Halo Wars, the highly anticipated Resident Evil 5 has now been leaked online for the Microsoft XBox 360 console.

    The game is set to release at retail on Friday the 13th March, so the leak is 10 days early, bad news for Capcom indeed.

    The US release (which is region free) was leaked by the group "KFC", and again weighs in at about 7gb.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Developers/Publishers and Reviewers need to have tighter security when it comes to these games gettting leaked.

    Feel free to share your comments below, or thoughts on it if you have gave it a try and don't mind admitting it.

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    Ps3 is good for piracy because nobody so far could break the system + who wants to download a 50 gb game ? xbox 360 cant control this stuff the disk 8.5 gb + easy to mod so microsoft should go with bluray and thats why they lost the war between HD and bluray.

    soon maybe all the good game gonna be exclusive for ps3 and microsoft gonna loose lots of money.

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    This is the first time i heard that you can pirate xbox games, Hope they can only download the game but cannot cheat in online game and off course i hate piracy thats why i have ps3. Thats why i bought a console because i lot of people who play games in PC getting there games free and they can hack or cheat in online games. Hopefully developers and ps3 makers tightens their security in ps3 games so that it will prevent piracy in ps3 games.

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    can i play re5 before lauch on 13th ?

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    actually piracy can help increase hardware sales.

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    Yes, i agree! I wonder if console manufactures really hate piracy as much as they're trying to make everybody believe? It can only boost hardware sales!

    Your alias doesn't really state that you're against piracy

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    IMO if a developer don't want that a game will be leaked before the (street) release date, he increase the security not to permit that a game will be leaked... so i think it's only a commercial strategy.

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    i read somewhere that micro$sot rather have people pirate their stuff and not go to the competition. i hate pirates too that's why i have my 360 flashed but just to tell the kids in the street "see it is bad to have more than a 100 games, because you don't know what to play next" better pay for them that way you know you will finish it. lol

    BTW: this game rocks!! jeje

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