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    Resident Evil 5 Demo Hits XBox 360 January 26, PS3 a Week Later

    American gamers will finally get a chance to try long-awaited sequel.

    Joystiq reports that the long-awaited Resident Evil 5 demo is coming very soon.

    While it's been out on Japanese consoles for quite a while, American audiences haven't gotten a chance to try the game.

    It will come to the Xbox 360 on January 26, and enjoy a week of exclusivity. After that, we assume the following Thursday, the PlayStation 3 will have its turn.

    Resident Evil 5 is on the most-anticipated list for a lot of gamers this season, but early previews have some wondering if it's too similar to its predecessor. Luckily, soon players will get a chance to test the game and see how they feel about its similarities for themselves.

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    OMG i cant wait till it officially releases... playing Left 4 Dead has gotten me in the whole zombie mood... just wish it would come out earlier on the ps3 =/

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