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    Senior Member Natepig's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    i loved prisoner.. recently watched all 350+ episodes in about 2 months.. loved it growing up.. hah
    It was extremely popular in the U.K. when it was first aired, then was shown late night for many years.

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    i remember staying up late when i was young in the 80s n watching it with my grandma when i stayed over.. good memories.. its got a cult following for sure.

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    The shows I try to catch include Pawn Stars (new episodes on tonight!), Hardcore Pawn (another pawn shop show lol), American Pickers, American Restoration, Dog The Bounty Hunter (new episodes start in October) and Billy The Exterminator once in awhile.

    All reality crap sadly... as for older cartoon sitcoms, I still watch King of the Hill reruns and The Simpsons on occasion. D'oh!

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    I never watched the pawn stuff but i've been told its good. I love anything that is fly on the wall style. I like another Aussie show called Nothing To Declare which is a fly on the wall thing about Australian immigration and customs guys.

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    I like those pawn shop shows , especially pawn stars. It's always funny how someone brings something in and Rick doesn't know crap about so. he rings up a expert and he says it costs like $500, and then rick starts making offers like $150.

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    Heh indeed, Rick actually has a new "License to Pawn" book out also: abcnews.go.com/GMA/Books/rick-harrison-pawn-shop-reality-tv-star-read/story?id=13753425

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    I don't like reading books , I'll just stick to watching the show.

    Thanks for the link though, pretty good interview.


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