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    Contributor schnoo2's Avatar
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    question about rebuilding for better loadtime

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    hey i was having lots of trouble with V12PS2 loading up OBSCURE. each load screen to load up a new stage (ala resident evil) takes mins,
    i was curious if rebuilding the game and all that would take care of the loading?

    i was told it was a bad burn but i dont really have that much problems with my V12

    this is more for general advice in the future, as a couple games super drag on loading... i have over a hundred working games and dont wanna waste too many DVDs unless this theory is practical..

    the theory in short is, ISObust and rebuild the game so that the load times wont be so bad... i hope this is a 1:1 question if not please move it appropriately


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    i used ritekG04 burnt at around 2x DVD-R
    please help, this game looks hot!

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    Thumbs Up Try This

    Iused to have problems with afew games and long loading times,garbled music etc,I would try these bootdiscs: Cogswap Dvd
    The Cogswap one works for me.

    hope that helps

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    i will try the cogswap and see if it works... since i already have it... thanks

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    Hi there - this is a file i downloaded from this site a while ago - it was for mercenaries and Star Wars - I used it for Mercenaries and it worked great!
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