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    Question about LBA48

    Hi, I have a V5 or V6 PS2 running the MC exploit with HDA and a 160GB HDD.The HDA that I use is patched to support LBA48 (support for HDD's larger than 137GB). I have other apps that I use which also access the HDD, but they do not support LBA48.

    Now is it true that once you pass the 137GB point, and you run a non-LBA48 app that accesses the HDD, that it can corrupt your HDD? I'd like to avoid this if it's true.

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    I'm starting to think that I might be getting this corruption because I noticed that when I mount a file system in execftps, I can transfer a file to that partition, but it won't show up after its done transfering. However, if I use Keylauncher .5 (I think it's beta 1), I can copy stuff from the memcard to the HDD. Is this is just a problem with execftps?

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