Found a tool on the web wich let you edit the .PAK/.qb files.
This files will be present on many Games.PAK is a data package container and the .qb will be present in many of this PAK´s.It can be used for PC/Wii/PS2/XBox.Also it let you edit text and items containing in the .qb files.
I'm very proud to announce this release:

Queen Bee (PAK / QB Explorer, Editor) for Guitar Hero etc

This explorer / editor allows you to modify QB files contained in PAK files.

Quick Feature List:-
- Supports Wii / PS2 / PC / XBox files.
- Edits a PAK's QB file in memory (No Import / Export required).
- Import / Export / Export All functionality for PAK files.
- Create New / Add / Rename / Remove files in PAK files.
- Supports all internal QB structures contained in Guitar Hero 3 / Aerosmith / World Tour / Metallica / Smash Hits / Greatest Hits / Tony Hawk's Proving Ground and Downhill Jam.
- QB structure and array items can be created, removed, copied and pasted.
- All items are editable including increasing the size of text and script items.
- Array items can be saved to text files for easy editing.
- Debug files are supported to help describe the QB file structures.
- QB files are Bit perfect if loaded and saved without changes even though the file has been broken down and fully rebuilt.
- Saves and Restores settings.
- Search Facility (String, QB Key and Numeric).

Wish List:-
- Load QB files without PAK/PAB.
- Seamless Qs support.
- Better support for WPC / XBX files.

Technical Notes:-
- Internal QB pointers are not used when loading files, instead they are used to validate the file is not corrupt.
- This application was developed to allow other developers to use the code in their code.
- The code will be released when I'm happy this app functions correctly and all the data types are correct.

Respect to ALL who contribute to the following:-
- Console Reversing.
- Homebrew.
- Scene News.
- Custom Guitar Hero Discs (Any Console).
Your efforts and time are appreciated.

Thanks to GameZelda for releasing code for the apps he writes and always being an endless source of technical information.

Thanks to the guys behind RawkSD for using the Queen Bee parser and helping making this project worth the effort.

This application requires the .Net framework 2.0

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