Earlier this week we broke the news on the new Ghost Case for PSTwo v12 Slimline consoles from www.CustomPS2.com. Pictured below, some samples already arrived to us for review... so here it is!

Upon receiving our samples, they each came packaged in sturdy cardboard individual boxes. Once we unpacked them, the first thing we noticed about the Ghost Cases is the absolute highest quality clear plastic they are made from- as advertised, they do literally look like glass!

During installation (which took under 5 minutes), we took a few pictures to help illustrate just how unique these Ghost Cases are! As many know, the PSTwo console has (2) lid sensors that tell the console the lid is opened and closed... and each time the disc in the drive is re-authenticated in the process. The Ghost Case features both a built-in Back Sensor Bypass to eliminate it from detecting your Imports and LEGAL game back-ups, and also a Front Sensor "Ghost" Switch which is nearly invisible... thus giving it the name Ghost Case. This switch can be moved with the flick of a finger, to either completely bypass the second lid sensor or to enable it for the TOC swaps required when playing some titles with the Swap Magic Discs.

Finally, it was showtime! Pictured below is my own PSTwo v12 console equipped with a Clear Ghost Case! Not only does it look cool (adding neon or L.E.D. lights is a feasible option now), but the built-in "Ghost" Switch makes it a LOT easier to swap discs! In my opinion, this places it far above other PSTwo cases such as the cloudy plastic cases that don't even include a built-in switch for the necessary TOC swaps.

Those interested in getting your own Ghost Case can do so NOW direct from CustomPS2.com, who ships out of California averaging a 1-4 day delivery time to ANYWHERE in the USA- with ALL orders including delivery confirmation of course! Available colors currently include clear, blue, pink, green, orange, and purple... and the cost? Only $35 with SAME-DAY shipping from www.CustomPS2.com! In conclusion, the Ghost Case gets two big thumbs up from Team PS3News for both innovation and quality!