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    Senior Member HeyManHRU's Avatar
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    I think it looks great, it doesn't collide with those green rectangles which indicate the reputation at all.

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    Not bad - much better than I expected. The first two colours are IMO perfect - the third one might need a bit dimm down - I'll play with it a little when I get home ...

    Thanks boss for adding the Greeny

    Goes well with my avatar's heir

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    Sounds like a plan... let me know of any hexcode adjustments to it and I will make them as needed.

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    I think the CJPC links are fine btw.

    The HTTP links in a post are a light-ish grey when not highlighted and become a subtle darker grey when they are highlighted.
    The NavBar links at the top of the page turn a nice silver with the text turning from white to black when highlighted.
    And the links below the NavBar just get a nice subtle light grey box around them when highlighted.

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    I have now added a "Dark" style for those who like the darker look without the Halloween colors. Be sure to wear your sunglasses at night!

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    Nice. I like the Dark style. The mustard one isn't that bad either

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    Yeah, the new dark style looks good , it's like the original theme but with inverted colors.

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    Yup ... agreed ... the dark style looks excellent. It gives the site that underground feeling ... I bet $ony gets scared when they see this! hehehe

    ... and the silver looks nice too - very soft on the eyes ...
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    Just a heads up on the Dark theme Boss - the Bold, Italic and Underline aren't clearly visible in the Quick Reply window.
    I've attached a screeny showing the Quick Reply window when Bold, Italic and Underline aren't highlighted and when they are to show you what I mean...
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails


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    If you hover on them you can see it but I was aware of this... Thanks though saviour07 for letting me know and +Rep!

    The issue is, fixing them would mean making new buttons (ie: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/images/editor/bold.png) for the styles since the default ones contain lettering of the same color.

    Perhaps down the road we can look into it along with the quote arrow graphic fix mentioned also, but I really dislike graphics work so I'm not sure how soon it will be hehe.


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