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    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    There is only one minor "error" that I encountered, as you can see in the picture below the circled area of the quote is still the default color compared to the rest of it. Other than that, everything seems and looks perfectly fine.
    Yea, that bugs me also hehe.. it's the default graphic image. We could remove it, but then the bubbles will just be round and not look like quotes.

    I thought about making one of these (http://www.ps4news.com/forums/images...quote-left.png) for each Style, but that could get annoying real fast... perhaps what we can do is see how many Style variants we have in a few weeks time, then run a Poll on them to see which people prefer most (require all users to vote) and then the 10 or 20 most popular Styles in the end we can make them for.

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    I've got mine set to CJPC's style - love it!

    As for the speech bubble not being completely uniform, I say leave it the way it is. You've already done so much to the site (all great improvements btw!) that something so small like that is negligible in comparison.

    I like the idea of the Poll and in future (or leading upto the poll?) a self-service style-maker. You enter 3 or more hex colour codes relating to various parts or aspects of the page (i.e. Text, Title Bar, Navbar, etc) and create you're own style.

    Kinda like this: colorizeit.com/styles/vbulletin-38-styles/48.caevo.html

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    I wish vBulletin 4 offered something integrated like that for Forum end-users, we would definitely use it and +Rep for the idea saviour07.

    The reason we can't just import files made from there here is because our style has several hundred template and php mods done to it (most to integrate our Portal/Forum) so any of their Styles imported here would not function properly (they basically would be broken 8 ways to Sunday) on our site even though they may display the colors chosen.

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    Hmm... why not programming your own one via VB ? They have also WEB Basic to program your own site.

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    I am not familiar with what you mean on the WEB Basic, but what we had to do was port our old Portal / Subdomain code from Pligg to vB4... so it is now fully running on vBulletin 4 using custom templates to display all the pages.

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    Ah ok now i understood better thx for that. To begin i was also a little bit afraid off getting into it (maybe it has some thing to do with getting older in years) but they have a very smart intelligence system which will display you the possibilities to write the code in form of drop down fields. I dono how i should tell it in english but if you have some time give a try and look into it. I'm sure you will like it

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    Checked out all the themes, and CJPC's IMO is the best in terms of matching/blend with the site. Only thing I would change with this theme is the link colors (which right now there is none).

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    Can you elaborate on the CJPC link colors, perhaps we can update them

    At the moment in the CJPC style I see the normal links as #5F5F5F and when you hover/mouseover them they change to #404040 in color.

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    Greeny ...

    From top to bottom:
    #008040 (They're incorrectly other way around in pic - was to late to change the order - darker one in the middle indeed)
    #80FF40 (although this one would probably collide a bit with the green dots bellow user names I'm afraid ... need to see this in action first)
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    Last edited by GrandpaHomer; 10-14-2011 at 05:34 AM

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    OK, I have added Greeny so you can check it out live and then we can make some hexcode tweaks accordingly, and +Rep GrandpaHomer.


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