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    Lightbulb PS3 News New Styles and Transparent Logo WIP

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    If you are logged in, you should now see a Quick Style Chooser selector at the bottom of the Forums main page that allows you to choose between vBulletin 4 (our stock Style) and a PS3 News Blue / Grey Style WIP.

    I have also added a temporary Transparent Logo when logged in so that it can be seen in the WIP Style as the other isn't transparent and when I converted it the lettering in it lost antialias due to being in 256 color.

    That said, if anyone reading this wants to give a try at a 150x90 transparent PS3 News logo I will add it temporarily to see if it works and how other members logged in like it... and if we decide to use it for our permanent logo I will PayPal $100 to the designer as mentioned in a previous thread.

    Finally, the PS3 News Blue / Grey Style WIP is just a quickie throw-together Style I made... it isn't finished but it is good for testing transparent logos out and also works on our Portal of course.

    If anyone has ideas for that Style or another one (such as your preferred color scheme, perhaps take a picture and mod it in PS the way you'd like it to look) and we can add a bunch more Style options in coming weeks etc.

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    I use it right now, it looks quite good with the new logo.PNG. But I also like the stock vBulletin style with the white and sky-blue color, which is good for the eyes.

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    I reckon the Icon should change every time there is a holiday or something. Like on St. Patrick's day we can have a little green clover on the top right of the logo .

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    Yea, hopefully someone will see this who is good with graphics... out of everything I do here, I completely suck at them the most.

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    Yeah, I'm terrible with photoshop too.

    Also do you have a link of a bunch of vBulletin themes we can choose from?

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    There are a lot of vB4 sites such as here with skins if you wanted to check some out: vbstyles.com/vbulletin-4x-skins-c1.html

    We aren't planning to change the actual skin we're using though, but what we can change is the colors of it. We can do any combination of colors that users want most and make as many variations as needed.

    So for example, we could make a "HeyManHRU" Style that could be selectable from the dropdown and will include colors you like best for things like the Forum NavBar, background, buttons, Forum boxes, post text color and so on.

    Some sites prefer to use non-stock skins and we went that route in the past with vB3, but it ends up being a lot more work in the long run because every time you change code or patch/update vBulletin you have to update all the skins which ends up being far more effort than it's worth... especially for sites like ours with a customized Portal, multiple subdomains, and tons of backend scripts interlinking everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    If anyone has ideas for that Style or another one (such as your preferred color scheme, perhaps take a picture and mod it in PS the way you'd like it to look) and we can add a bunch more Style options in coming weeks etc.
    Here is my preferred color scheme (below), that I made with my very bad photoshop skills .
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails


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    i like the colour scheme now boss. i gotta say it looks good and as oversoldier says its easy on the eyes.. no offence heyman but that bright red would kill me on my tv.. LOL

    i'll check out the wip scheme.. i'm no good at computer graphics, give my 30 cans of belton and i'll give you a beautiful wall.. LOL

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    Now that you mention it, it is kinda bright , worth a shot though.

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    We can definitely do it tho HeyManHRU... even if only a few people end up using it (it obviously won't be the default Style, but selectable as the Blue / Grey one is) so I will keep that as one of the Style designs we will add as time permits.

    Update: OK, very WIP at the moment but if you check the "HeyManHRU WIP" Style it should be a start.


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