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    nice thought dude, love this site.

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    this is a dislike and I may not be back have a question I have to type in a security code in every time wow what a hassle WOW i am having problems downloading the COD Ghosts from psn starting downloading it at 3pm today and it is 11:35 pm and only 48 percent of it is d/loaded it is a new ps3 250gb the ghost is 11 gb and i ran a test and download speed was 7.1 mbps or 7.

    if im right and up load was 1.2mbps I had this same problem with mw3 a couple wks ago my console in new only has Cod 2 on it no no music at all nothing its 3wks old this suxs its 11-5-2013 the eve ghosts goes live wow its going to take another 4-6 hours to download and who knows how long to up load is there any help out there??

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    Help you with what ? I still don't know what you moaning about , use comma and dots as your sentences making no sense , btw this is not a thread to do it , there is a section called PS3 help & support.

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    Here are some screens of the Portal and Story pages, they are still a WIP but coming along

    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    Portal.png   Story.png  

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    Nice. Hope to get the Admin CP on my site too.

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    Wow its come a long way when I joined with ps2news, then ps3news and now ps4news.

    I hope PS4 brings on a good bunch of users.

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    ban or better kill this windrider

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    Not really sure what you mean by that. I see the smiley face, but just asking. You didn't like my comment? PS3 hack in 2010 brought a lot of idiots out of the woodwork and I don't mind saying so.

    My comment was meant about the growth of the forum.

    And the excellent changes
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    windrider42 just ignore my comment. think i was drunkn and broken minded.

    about suggestions, i have none, only for PS3 News to continue the excellent news threads. i think yours are best from all scene sites and i enjoy most of them reading. you really deserve the name.

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    nice look & cool


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