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    Forum Moderator misiozol's Avatar
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    hello I have a question , sometimes I do not understand why my posts have to be approved there is nothing in them just plain technical explanation no external links no bad words.

    it's just making no sense that system is claiming it have to approved by moderator sometimes it's crucial to reply on time as other user will make a console brick by mistake or someone is under pressure , is there any word sentence that are prohibited ?

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    It's because we use trigger words, so in your case an innocent word like 'market' or 'ultimate' (as used in your post) would send it to the queue for moderation before being approved because these words have been flagged as commonly used by spammers here.

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    Ahh.. now it's making more sense , I do remember couple years back was massive recruitment for forum moderators , I wish I would volunteer for it but had little time then and at least I wouldn't have to worry about words that I won't write again from my post so it does not have to be approved again

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    Correct, but the list of trigger words is lengthy... including 'approved' which you used above. D'oh

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    LOL did notice when it system said it has to be checked yet again , Is there any option that for senior members this option is off , those naughty ones have just couple of posts and is real pain for those with several hundreds posts that are respected old members

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    Not at the moment, the system is global... even for Mods and Admins at this time. Perhaps down the road though.

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    Well at least i know everybody, have checks even mods and admins I'm not only one LOL

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    Here is an updated screenshot of the WIP... the Forum status icons, remainder of the Social Network buttons and Navigation links have all been added now.

    The only things left before the forum will be ready are re-integrating the Captcha System we use and a few of the Plug-ins... hopefully we will be able to do this in the next week or so.
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    Happy to see it , more things changes more stays same , everything is so roundy shiny and new but similar to good old look

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    i'm very excited to be a member of such a wonderful, friendly, growing scene. the guys/gals around here really are the best! its great to see the site upgrading and ALWAYS moving forward.


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