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    Quote Originally Posted by PSPSwampy View Post
    I'd love to have the ability when a topic i've subscribed to has had a number of posts since my last visit to be able to go to the first new post since my last visit (Don't think this feature exists at the moment).

    This would make following a thread much easier as i wouldn't have to try and remember which page i was on previously.
    I did confirm tonight that what you are seeking is indeed in vB4, below are a few screenshots and it works as intended- View First Unread (the blue arrow icon), when clicked, takes you right to the first unread post in any thread.

    This isn't to be confused with subscriptions, as they are separate but also in vB4 and will be present when we make the move.

    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    first_unread_post.png   first_unread_post_inthread.png  

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    Another brief progress update, the PS3 Q/A section was successfully ported to vB4 tonight... so one plug-in down and a slew left to go.
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  3. Hahah, Looks Cool.

    Way to go Boss..

  4. lol, I just found out tonight that you were doing all this stuff... lol very nice work boss.

  5. Wow - I thought this will all take longer. Well done on the progress! Also I like the nice clean look BOSS! Seems like only the interface will change slightly. Can't wait for the end result!

    BOSS, do you have an estimated go-live-date?
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  6. That is the plan, to keep things as similar as possible with just the updated vB4 software and look.

    As for an ETA, the new Forum should go live soon (in the next few days to a week perhaps?) but once it does a lot of work will have to be done at that time as only so much can be done while it isn't live, so we may have to turn off the Forum a bit while finishing it but once it's done it will be done!

  7. All sounding very promising!

    Is there a sneak-peak page were we can go to take a more interactive look? (I realise this may be unlikely because there is bound to be quite a bit of fiddling when you actually go live - but have noticed that you do seem to have taken screenshots based on a very up to date database, so just hoping for a glimpse at what we can expect)

    If not, not to worry - I trust your judgement

  8. There is no sneak-peek page, mainly because we don't want it indexed in search engines to skew our live site's results so the test page is IP-restricted to only allow myself and CJPC access.

    It shouldn't be long before we make the move though... hopefully later this week, and then comes the real work once it goes live.

  9. Wow going live in next few day or a week looks promising and looking forward to the change. Wasn't expecting it for like a month.

  10. Well keep in mind it's been 3 weeks since I started this thread and we have been working on it since then, so for us we are already into this project almost a month and by the time it goes live it will probably be a month since we started work.

    We are just finishing work on 1 plug-in at the moment and then we need to install vBSEO4 which is the upgrade of vBSEO3 that we are currently using and then move forward with installing vB4 live basically.


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