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    Another feature i'd like - further to the subscriptions posts earlier. I'd love to have the ability when a topic i've subscribed to has had a number of posts since my last visit to be able to go to the first new post since my last visit (Don't think this feature exists at the moment).

    This would make following a thread much easier as i wouldn't have to try and remember which page i was on previously.


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    Actually starting where you left off in threads is in vB4 already, and it also adds a different icon indicator to threads you posted in.

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    I've just thought of great idea - it can be a good thing to give +Rep automatically to user, who submitted the "Best answer" in the "PS3 help" category, thus, we can reward our members for their work!

    Oh, and also, Boss, you should fix the "Search" function (the one inside threads, on the main page it works fine) - it searches for the query in whole internet, whereas it should search only on ps4news.com.

    Or I just do not understand something?
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    The PS3 Help Q/A plug-in may not be compatible with vB4, but we definitely plan to check into it and it's on our "vB4 work" list.

    If it isn't compatible and we can't port it, then the section will basically just be a normal help forum without the "Answered" feature currently used... but if it will work in vB4 then we may be able to look into your Rep idea for it.

    I think the Search thing may be a Google Mod also but when we move to vB4 we will sort it out for sure, right now it's not worth investing time in fixing the vB3 one as we won't be on this too much longer and the time would be better spent moving forward with vB4 work but THANKS for letting us know about it and +Rep!

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    Text Message alerts to threads you subscribe to , if you signed to this then lets say you pay 5p per text message recieved and the website gets a cut from that which should help finance future improvements.

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    I have a full vbul 4 suite license... And would be willing and glad to donate it to PS3news... if your interested... drop me a private message or msn me.

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    +Rep to madmax69 and theone1982, and we did end up getting a vB4 Suite license last year when we first thought about making the move, but THANKS for the offer!

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    I only have one thing to say about the site & not meaning to upset anyone, but isn't it about time the HUGE PS3BREAK ad behind all relevant windows no longer needed. I understand its probably revenue, but its a little out of touch with the times since the CFW has been around for a while now!

    Just my thoughts

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    Well the same could be said of all PS3 modchip/clone ads on sites, but as you mentioned most won't be removed until they expire or stop renewing the ads. I wouldn't be surprised if once Sony sues and blocks softmods enough another round of 3.6+ chips will surface though... the cycle probably won't stop as long as there is money to be made or the PS4 arrives.

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    Here is another update... still a PoC only and far from done but this pic shows the Private Message (PM) system we will be using in vB4 (Profile Visitor Messages will still be used as well, but members can choose which they prefer to accept or both types of course) and one of the dropdown menus to allow quicker access to common areas.

    Once all of the backend work is done we do plan to add some other styles (lighter, darker, new colors, etc) using the standard vBulletin Quick Style Chooser dropdown below each page.

    While work is still under development, if anyone here has any other ideas, suggestions, etc that haven't already been mentioned by all means let us know and perhaps we can incorporate them.
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