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    Senior Member barrybarryk's Avatar
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    When it comes closer to roll-out time, if you need a hand with any of the mods & scripts that aren't compatible or need new ones let me know and I'll see if I can help. I have a fair bit of experience in PHP and MySQL.

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    Thanks and +Rep x2.. also once we update to vB4 we can add things like Tapatalk and ForumRunner for iPhone, Android, webOS, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, Nokia, etc users.

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    Sounds good - i was just going to suggest mobile apps - i even started looking at deving an Android app myself, but life got in the way. If vB4 supports this out of the box then that gets my vote! (The one thing i miss when i'm on the move is my daily fix of "Sony is now sueing xxxx" posts! )

    p.s. To the guy asking about thread subscriptions - I'm sure these work now - mine do (I just changed my settings to autosubscribe)

    Re thread subscriptions... Goto User CP, then Edit Options, then under "Messaging and Notifications" change the "Default Thread Subscripton Mode" to the mode of your choice. (Mines set to "No email notifications" which means that the new posts only show up in my user CP)

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    +Rep to PSPSwampy as well. So far we have the general Forum and section pages near complete in vB4, so next weekend will be the thread templates, then Administrative stuff followed by Plug-Ins and ports.

    We plan to offer several light and dark vB4 style choices from a dropdown so that users can select one that is easiest on their eyes, and along with Visitor Messages it will have a full Private Messaging (PM) system for all non-Newbie UserGroups.
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    Upgrade to version 4 looking at thread it's better and less hassle for moderators.

    Ideas : 1. Alert on main page if someone has respond to one of your threads or a thread you've added comments to , this will save you searching through them.

    2. I've been mithed by getting rep points off on 2 occasions and replies now why but if you include a list of "what would cause negative rep" might help in future.

    3. iPhone app would attract more users and you could log on on the move.

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    Thanks madmax69 and +Rep as well... a few answers:

    1. vB4 includes thread subscriptions that will notify users via Control Panel Notifications and I believe the PM system as well.

    2. Everyone +/- Reps any posts they like or don't like, so there is no "set in stone" formula since it's based on the individual. Personally speaking, I go by the Site Rules and Quality Posts Guidelines when I + and - Rep users for posts and replies.

    3. Once we make the move to vB4 we definitely plan to modernize the site with iPhone or related apps that are available. I haven't looked into them yet as right now we are knee-deep working on vB4 integration, but once vB4 is live and running then it will be near the top of our list.

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    Any plans on a chatbox style addon in the future for quick Q+A's that don't really warrant a post?

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    Sadly no plans at all for a chatbox, mainly as most are server resource hogs and they also reduce Forum activity. Once someone answers a question in a chatbox it ends up deleted similar to IRC, but Forum posts are archived so that others with the same question can search to find the answer making the time and effort spent in answering them worthwhile.

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    Well first I wanted this site to be the same, but a new version of vBulletin is nice, it keeps the site fresh, the only site that shouldn't be renewed is youtube

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    Indeed, I'm not much for change either and a lot of things vB4 has I'm not a big fan of, but it does offer a few nice features and a new look so hopefully it will be worth the upgrade overall. Thanks for the feedback and +Rep Mbb!


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