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    good idea

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    vb4 would be very welcome indeed! can't wait!! thanks guys.

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    Why not hire a company to make a forum software for the website... The site will stand out from other websites for one.. Then we can even have all the features of our choice.. Moreover certain features of vb4 which are not required by ps3news won't be there in that forum software saving space and bandwidth.. You won't have to compromise on anything and all the needs can be met easily which are problematic at present.. Think about it..

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    Thanks and +Rep x3 for the feedback guys... I'm sure subscriptions are included in vB4 and can be enabled, but we would have to disable the "e-mail" functionality part as mailing everyone subscribed to threads when new posts are made lags the server.

    As for custom forum software, the main reasons we don't go that route I can think of are that it likely would be quite expensive compared to standard vB renewal costs plus security may be an issue as vB keeps theirs updated although a custom one might be more prone to vulnerabilities and exploits.

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    Cool cool. Yeah even just a subscriptions list accessable thru the User CP is better than nothing and trying to dig for the threads you like every time you visit.

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    you can do one more thing is automating the repping if a users answer is selected as the best answer.. I've seen that you go through your forums searching answering questions and repping people with good answers along with marking the answer as best answer.. It'l be gr8 if as soon as the answer is marked as best answer the person is repped automatically... It'l reduce your workload and will give reps to even those who answer peoples questions and whom you miss...!

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    Yep, at the moment I am not sure if the "Best Answer" mod is even compatible with vB4 but it is something we will look into if/when we make the move.

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    ya... I'm pretty sure it will be great for the server even because the person will get repped in the backend only which would save huge amounts of bandwidth... And you will be able to think about more important things... Can't you talk to the vb guys to include that part in the software that is installed here..? And i hope i get repped for these suggestions as well...

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    The official vBulletin.com folks don't approve of any mods at all, but there is vBulletin.org which is basically a community where all the mods are ported for vB versions so that is where we will check when the time comes... and +Rep for the suggestion as well!

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    Here is a POC of stock vB4 for our site... still weeks away from being done, but a necessary first step I suppose. By all means keep the suggestions coming, as this would be the time to share ideas before it's done so that we can incorporate them if at all possible.
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    As it was lightly discussed, maybe we can make a PS3News.com app for ipods and phones?


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