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    PS2 Script v0.3.1 thread!

    From role:

    PS2 Script is my attempt at providing a user with a way to copy files from one MC to another and even updating the TITLE.DB file with minimal user interaction. With this PS2 Script, it is not necessary to use ExecFTPs or even titleman.exe. When this PS2 Script is executed, it will read "mc0:PS2SCRIPT/PS2SCRIPT.TXT" and process the given commands.

    The supported commands are:
    cp, mkdir, slus, run, ps2browser, and end.

    Check out the .rtf for more details and examples.

    Report any bugs you come across (GOD I hope there aren't many :CRYING: )

    The file includes the .elf, readme file, example script file, and a picture of my tv screen showing what PS2 Script executed .
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