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    PS2/PSTwo M3 Chip arrives!

    Update #2: It appears we overlooked this news update just over a week ago, but better late than never so here goes from the M3 News Page: "The fully enabled flash upgrade for M3 mod-chips has been added to the downloads section. Installation diagrams have also been uploaded and are available in the documents section." Cool news for M3 chip users indeed!

    Update: A brief news update from the M3 Chip Team states: "We are pleased to announce that support for the new V14 console has just been completed. The first batch of M3 modchips will include full support for the V14."

    Today we received word from the M3 Chip Team of their new M3 (Magic Mushroom Mod) Chip for both PS2 and the slimline PSTwo consoles! The M3 Mod-Chip uses high quality components, including the reknowned Actel FPGA series of FPGA's. A high speed serial flash interface offers software updating at rapid speeds, and the novel PCB design offers both style and ease of installation on any PS2. Full features include: Full autoboot of all media types- CD, CD-R, CD-RW,DVD,DVD9, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD+R DL disc compatible, v1-v13 compatible, PAL, USA, JAP region compatible, 19/21 wire installation, high quality components, novel mushroom PCB design (super-small sized PCB) via Actel FPGA, high speed serial flash, software upgradable with configuration mode, HDD compatible, includes Color and Screen Position Fix, and ships in an ESD protective bag. Be sure to check out for additional details and software downloads coming soon!
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