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    Cool PS2 Internal Memory Card Install

    This is a good project for a beginner to soldering or even a first timer.

    First remove the top half or you console. I'm sure you all have taken it apart to clean the dust out right??? (there are 8 screws in the bottom to be removed then lift the back half up about an inch and pull towards the front of the console....but use care as the power/reset button has a ribbon cable attaching it.)

    Now remove the two screws holding down the memory card/controller connector.

    PS2 Internal Memory Card Install-100_2690_1-jpg

    Now lift up on the tab to release the ribbon cable connecting it.

    PS2 Internal Memory Card Install-100_2692_2-jpg

    This metal shielding has to be removed. There are 3 tabs holding it in place, release them or just pull hard and straight and it will come off without any damage. Once removed it can be tossed out.

    PS2 Internal Memory Card Install-100_2693_3-jpg

    PS2 Internal Memory Card Install-100_2694_4-jpg

    PS2 Internal Memory Card Install-100_2472_5-jpg

    Take apart one or two memory cards (i used one official 8mb and a 2x PS1 memory card for this tutorial)

    PS2 Internal Memory Card Install-100_2471_6-jpg

    PS2 Internal Memory Card Install-100_2697_7-jpg

    Now get the memory card/controller connector and look at the top row of points. They are spaced just like the connections on the memory cards 3. 3, then 2. Solder up some wire to them, 8 points to solder per memory card.

    (NOTE TO BEGINNERS: flux and tin both the wires and the points to be soldered to.)

    PS2 Internal Memory Card Install-100_2698_8-jpg

    Next solder the corresponding points to the memory card pcb's themselves.

    PS2 Internal Memory Card Install-100_2441_9-jpg

    Ready for testing....reconnect the ribbon cable and power on.....if it works we can procede, if not get out your multimeter and test your connections for continuity.

    PS2 Internal Memory Card Install-100_2440_10-jpg

    Now time to tidy things up a bit. Clean and neat is a sign of professionalism. Gather your wires and tape them up to keep them from going everywhere.

    PS2 Internal Memory Card Install-100_2437_11-jpg

    I found the inside of the lid a perfect place to mount the memory cards. 2 way tape or some hot glue will work fine.

    PS2 Internal Memory Card Install-100_2463_12-jpg

    Once you got them mounted you can carefully reattach the ribbon cable and put everything back together. (maybe one more test to make sure before you start reassembling)

    PS2 Internal Memory Card Install-100_2468_13-jpg

    PS2 Internal Memory Card Install-100_2541_14-jpg

    PS2 Internal Memory Card Install-100_2542_15-jpg

    PS2 Internal Memory Card Install-100_2543_16-jpg

    Nice, now no more memory cards hanging out the front of your console.

    Have fun!!!

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    Nice guide idone, I will STICKY it for awhile and +Rep!

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