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    My 39003 is fitted with a no-solder mod and has now started to suffer the 'lazy drawer' problem....

    When I hold in the eject button (when doing the swap using SM disk), the drawer ejects fine..... but it has stopped going in by itself. When playing originals the drawer closes fine, so is the problem with the chip?? Would it cure the problem in I got a new no-solder chip?? OR is there some adjustment somewhere I can do??

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    Spikey Read the RULES you idiot! -Staff

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    It could be the no-solder mod as these modchips have been known to do strange stuff and some didn`t even work at all,if you can exchange for another depending on your situation when you got the modchip (replacement warranty) i`m thinking if possible.

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    sounds like the no solder is the problem... i used to use these, the "newer" ones seems to be made pretty cheaply. unless they are super cheap now days you could just get a flip top, which i would recommend, the no solder chip (first gen) would eject my tray like a missile and ended up wrecking the ps2 over time.

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    I 100% strongly advise against these no solder chips from personal experience. Flip top is the best way to go without getting a real mod chip.

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    Disregard my earlier post and see if you can get your money back if possible on this no-solder mod as a modchip or fliptop cover would be much better and easier on your ps2`s tray components.


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