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    Post PS2 DVD Back-Up Tutorials

    PS2 DVD backup tutorials

    Using Prassi almost same thing as Record Now Max

    1. Start Primo
    2. Select "go to full application"
    3. Right Click the drive that has your original in it
    4. Select "build global image" and choose a path for the image (preferably on an NTFS operating system)
    5. After the image is extracted go to next step
    6. Choose the 3rd disc icon from the left *or* click file, new job, Global/Other Image
    7. Then just burn the .gi (global image) of the game

    Using Nero

    1. Start Nero, Use the Wizard
    2. Select "DVD" then select Next
    3. Select "Copy a DVD" then select Next
    4. Select your source drive
    5. Select or Deselect "copy on the fly" then click next
    6. Select your write speed
    8. Press "Burn" to begin

    Using Alcohol 120%

    1. Start Alcohol 120%
    2. Select “Copy Wizard”
    3. Select your Reader
    4. For “Separate Image file every:” choose “Never Separate”
    5. Select or Deselect “Copy current disc on the fly”, press Next
    6. Select your Image location and Name for it, press Next
    7. Select your Writer, Write Speed
    8. Select or Deselect “Delete image file after recording”
    9. Press Start to begin

    Using DVD Decrypter

    1. Start DVD Decrypter
    2. Select Mode, go down to ISO Read
    3. Select your Reader & Destination
    4. “Decrypt” the ISO Image to the Hard Drive
    5. Wait for the ISO Image to be made
    6. Select Mode, go down to ISO Write
    7. Select the ISO Image file you made, click “Open”
    8. Select your Burner, Write speed & Burn the ISO
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