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    PS2 CaseMod Made from Jack Thompson's Book

    Recently Mattigus, a user on the Halflife2.Net forums has converted a library book (which evidently was never checked out) he bought used off Amazon into a functional PS2 console.

    To quote: He's "almost positive" someone else has thought of it, but whatever, he's the only one providing pictures. Below you can see his Limited Edition Jack Thompson Out of Harm's Way PS2 plugged in, and running.

    The cell phone is on the book because the cover won't close under its own weight.

    And, who wants Jack staring lazerbeams through you for indulging in the violence of Marvel vs. Capcom 2?

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    Holy son of a mother!
    What a great idea.
    And what a slap in you face Mr. Thompson.
    Enjoy it - you deserve it.

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    Big Grin

    Is that what you do when you tell your wife you have to catch up on some reading? I would love to do a book report on that I would study soo hard. lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Below you can see his Limited Edition Jack Thompson Out of Harm's Way PS2 plugged in, and running.
    Okay, that is funny in a deep, soul-satisfying way.

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    Rep+ Because you freaking ROCK! But I have to admit I love Jack Thompson book.... When I'm in the middle of no where and need some toilet paper.

    You rock hard indeed boss!

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    Hehe.. good one indeed boss and well deserved jack ole boy, talk about a video book indeed, in high def.

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    this is interesting for sure. i wonder how it is with ventilation. seems it might get a little hot, as the sysfan is in the back of the ps2, where the book binding is. makes me think it might be a fire hazard lol, but i doubt a console would reach 400+ degrees F, hot enough to set paper on fire, and still run.

    definitely got my mind going on making new cases. ive wanted for a while now to make a ps2 into a laptop. still working on that tho...

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