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    Problems with my Lite-on 411S dvdrw!

    I am trying to see where I could find a Lite-on LDW 411S FSOJ firmware and how to downgrade from my now FSOK to FSOJ. Ever since I updated this firmware, I have had nothing but problems with the FSOK firmware and my drive makes funny noises now since I updated the firmware to FSOK. I can't find FSOJ firmware anywhere on the net. I'm not even sure if I can downgrade my firmware like that. Any information would be appreciated. I wouldn't want to buy a new dvd writer if I don't have to. Thanks ahead of time for all your help!

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    Go here to search for firmware and utilities that will let you flash down,i`ve down it a few times with my 411s till i got a much better burner(nec3500).

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    Ok cool I think I could use flash fix but does anyone know where to find FSOJ firmware. I can't seem to find it. Also maybe an earlier one is better? Which was the best for you johnisme? Thanks again.

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    Here is the firmware Pantera1222 you were looking for which was quite a task...hehe, i have included 2 firmwares as follows.
    But these are binary files,but the necessary program to install the firmware is included with info.hope this helps you out.G.L.
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    Thanks Starlight for the firmware I hope this does help. Thanks again.

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    Your welcome.....hopefully it will do the trick.

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