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    it is possible to make a rip from genji

    sorry for my badly english. i want to make a rip from this superb game called "genji".. it's possible or not?

    thanx for the answer

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    Sorry, I have a PAL version, this is a dual layer, can I backup it on DVD-5? What the rip method?

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    yes and i got one. it was changed from dvd9 to dvd5 using some tools that i dont know their names and then just burn it using dvddecrypter.

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    what the tools are used? it's possible with expert plugin?

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    The Genji DVD9 -> DVD5 Rip Kit is attached below for those interested.

    Update #2: There is now another fixed v3 of the Rip Kit for those still having issues.

    Update: There is now a fixed v2 of the Rip Kit for those having issues with the first one.
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