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    Please help, I've got a problem with slim PS2.

    Hi everyone, I have a small problem with my PS2.

    The version is > 75004
    It's slim, region is PAL.

    SHORT review :

    The problem is, it wont read Plantium DVD (FF X game)
    But it does read a normal DVD game (Suikoden Tactics)

    What can I do? Should I buy more games to test? Will modding my Ps2 or buyng a SwapMagic help?
    How can I check do I still have guarantee time left?

    LONGer version:

    When I insert the Plantium DVD, it starts the spinning, I see the Playstation 2 on my TV, after that, the PS2 is like .. tryng to re-read the disk, but fails and trys again.. and again.. The other DVD game, start normally, because its not Plantium. For what I've searched, I found out the Plantium versions are lighter .. and I suspect something may be wrong with laser, or its dusty or something.


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    You could try cleaning the laser, a cotton bud with some alcohol on the tip works, but it sounds as though the disc is faulty. Take it back and have it replaced.

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    or try to go to the store and see if it works. they can change it if doenst work. or maybe your laser have problems. mine starts like that. and after didnt run any dvd just cd.

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    I have had several people with similar problems but only on certain dvd's. The problem appears to be the same as with blue DVD's. Try a four 1 inch strips of Scotch tape on the label side of the DVD around the centre hole being careful to avoid the actual hole. This seems to adjust the laser focusing slightly. I know it sounds weird but its worth trying.

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    Hello everyone. I also have a ps2 slim model 75004, with ghost2 modchip fitted. There's a problem though. I recently got Wild arms Alter code F and it crashes half way. I checked some replies and someone said that some modchips make it past the half and some do not. I was wondering if something could be done about this. Ghost2 was a firmware upgrade function but i have no idea where to get firmware for it. (This also happens with Xenosaga 2 but at least it crashes in the early beginning). Thanks.

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    Just a thought... try here yet?

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    I forgot to mention that ghost2 has the v2.20 firmware. I guess that means that a firmware is not available at the time. Too bad. I can tell for sure that it's not the discs' problem but the modchip. I had a similar problem with Prince of Persia WW (the game crushed at a certain point) but as soon as i got the new firmware there were no problems. Thank you for answering.

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