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    Poll PlayStation 3 vs XBox 360

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    Hello everyone, i made this thread so if anyone wants to talk about ps3 and xbox 360 post it here.

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    Hahaha smart thinking

    I myself would say PS3 is better just because of PSN being free and there's a free web browser. On XBL it basically wants you to pay for everything, even youtube.

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    x360's big ol' fat controller sucks, I even bought a non-official x360 controller in smaller form just to get it fit from my hands. and the accessories too are just too expensive or rather a ripoff. even their xbox live sucks more for paying everything from there.

    in x360 = you give more reason to users to pirate games
    in ps3 = somehow you have second though to buy games and support the developers, also they have quite great security. they can even stall us to play games from release date, making us the game to be played a month/s later or even a year.

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    Each console has it's goods and bads, and each person will have different outlooks on what's good and bad to them, and why.

    For example, some people think the controllers are too big, some too small, and some like neither of the controllers.

    There's really no need to argue over something so trivial, since it's like arguing over what you perceive a cloud to appear as.

    We should have consoles to play games with friends and by ourselves for our entertainment, not just to brag and insult others.

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    Xbox 360 Great for Voice Conferences yet lack gaming originality, Xbox 360 Lacks JRPGs, some maybe into them some maybe not.

    The Xbox 360 does very bad in Japan due to the lack of JRPG, most Japanese Xbox game is the shooters you see when you was 10 year old on the n64.. So theirs nothing really for the Japanese to benefit from with the Xbox 360, if they are into JRPGS.

    Hands down. Call of Duty alot better on Xbox 360. Voice Conference is alot better with the internet so it's a great way to chat to your mates and shoot.. < Check the xbox list now, 99% of the people on Xbox are FPS.

    Ps3 adds originality, which is what brings us back to the playstation.. they never fail to have originality.

    As you can see.. there are alot of Pros and cons with both, depends what type of game are you.

    I myself sold one every 4 months swapping for other now, i have both (Ps3 for games), (Xbox for messing around with mates). most have Xbox 360 cause it's like a "Internet Party" where you can piss up and chill with your mates... Tell you one thing though. PlayStation need to step up a mark on their next console with a better Friend/Party system.

    If i had to ditch one of my consoles.. i'd keep my ps3 hands down.. so many quality games on them and regional free gives you freedom to enjoy all nation.

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    I have owned both during different times and I always seem to keep the ps3 and sell the xboxs. It is easy to get a broken xbox and fix it. Plus are always willing to buy them. But I seem to always want to keep my ps3.

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    One big reason i like ps3 more than xbox360 is due to different types of exclusives (gow3, mgs4, infamous, uncharted etc.) and i am a big ps2 fan too.

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    Each system has there strengths and weaknesses. I play my ps3 more now do to my friend bought one and we play shooters together. Now for racing forza hands down in my opinion cant wait for horizons.

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    Lately I've been using my phat 60GB to play old ps1/ps2 games. Just finished Medievil, FF9, and started Black and Clock Tower 3. Can't believe I skipped out on some great games last gen (and beyond). Older games used to engage your imagination more in my opinion.

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    You can play ps1 disk games on every ps3 model, even on new super slim model.


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