The folks at Valve? Why, they're the kind of guys you can just kick back with. Relax. Have a beer. Frag. You'll get the opportunity to do at least one of those things this Friday, as the company announced an open invitation for Team Fortress 2 players to take on the minds behind The Orange Box.

This Friday, October 19, from 3-7:00PM PST (6-10 EST), those with Gold subscriptions can take on the team and chat with them about tips and strategies for the game. To participate seems simple enough; just add the following Gamertags to your friends list:

<li>gamewithdev1 (Matt W.- Level Designer)
<li>ValveArtist1 (Matthew S. - Artist)
<li>ValveAnim (Matthew R. - Animator)
<li>ValveProg1 (Vitaliy - Programmer)
<li>ValveProg2 (Adrian - Programmer)
<li>ValveProg3 (Kerry - Programmer)
<li>ValveProg4 (Robin - Programmer)
<li>ValveProg5 (Jim - Programmer)
<li>ValveLevelDes2 (Dave - Level Designer)
<li>ValveArtist2 (Nick - Artist)
<li>ValveLevelDes3 (Scott - Level Designer)
<li>ValveProg6 (David - Programmer)
<li>ValveWriter (Chet - Writer)

One might question the sanity of putting a Gamertag publicly out there. Luckily, most of these seem fairly generic and are probably set up for occasions such as this one. Just add the tags and invite or be invited to a match on Friday, and enjoy. More info can be found at the event's official site.

Play Team Fortress 2 Against Valve on Friday

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