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    Pirates / Caribbean 3 sucked! at least for me...

    Yeppers!!!! Saw it. Waited at the end of the credits for the so-called 'surprises', and left. Not as thrilled as the 2nd one (which I personally think is the best of the sequels).

    Whaddabout you? How bad (or good) did you think the movie worked?

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    Opposite with me. The second one seemed to drag on, while this one was quite a bit more exciting. I like how they said that this would end the trilogy, yet (like Xmen 3) totally left itself open for a sequel

    xplaytendo: I didn't wait until the end. What surprises were after the credits?
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    I have not seen 2 yet. Was waiting for 3 to come out so I can watch them back to back. Probably gonna go next weekend, when the crowds die down a bit.

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    I liked 3, it was long, but it didn't drag on. Instead, it just did a whole lot of different things and tied up nearly every loose end. I didn't like 2 as much since it really was just an advertisement for 3.

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    If anyone cares, the hidden ending after the credits was apparently a 10 year jump, and it showed the chick waiting on the island with the little boy who got hanged in the very beginning. Lame!

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    I watched both 2 and 3 for the first time on the same day. I liked them both about the same. What I didn't like the most is the stupid fish people. I would prefer the traditional undead over the gimmicky fish heads.

    The boy at the end had to be their son since Will is only allowed to come on land one day every 10 years. So him getting hung in the beginning has got to lead to the next sequel.

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    Cool Yep- a letdown

    This one seemed 2 drawn out and all over the map 4 me. The scene where the captain of the endeavor doesn't becomes speechless as it gets blown apart and then he walks in slow mo- amongst the splinters was a prime example and just dumb.

    There were many other plotlines of the movie that were either irrelevant to the movie (and therefore a waste of time) or maybe trying too hard to set up the next movie- and crippling this one while doing so. too convoluted ,incomplete, and lame. For example all the screentime devoted to the release of calypso-and at the climax? nothing..some rain. Two armadas of british and pirate ships.. a huge monumental battle scene maybe?? no- only two ships fight.. letdown.

    The 1st is still my fav... if u like coherent meaningful storylines.

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    I totally agree that they had too many plotlines going at once (the askaninja guy summed that part up pretty well), but I still thought it was wholly satisfying.

    I also wasn't able to understand Calypso for most of the movie (I didn't even know her name was Tia Dalma until I read it somewhere). If you're gonna use a Creole accent, at least make it understandable!!

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    I agree, i wasnt as good as the second but still enjoyable.

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    u thought the movie was pretty good, but i liked the second one much better.

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