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    The movie sucked i know that much not sure about that game how are the graphics from what i saw in playstation mag they were pretty bad.

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    Found it to be way too long... Was happier when it ended then when I first walked in; otherwise? Good.

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    i thought it was pretty good, to me the second was the biggest drag out of them all.

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    The third just didn't hold my attention, but I thought the second was great!

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    i don't necessarily think it SUCKED, it was drawn out in a few places and the end battle was very anti-climactic, especially the sea witch chick. ooooo, she turned into a giant then started a storm?

    come on... and in the end, elizabeth didn't age a day after 10 years?! oh well.

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    The first one was okay but after that i never got around to seeing #2 so i just gave up on it.

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    i have not seen 3 yet. i hated the first one but loved number 2.. so who knows.

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    I wasted my money. I don't like it.

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    Yeah, I Thought It Was Better Than 2 But Not As Good As 1.

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    I saw part of both 1 and 3, didn't like 3 at all. 1 kinda struck it with me, but wasn't TOO interested in it.

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