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    Senior Member Foo's Avatar
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    Piercings anyone?

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    I know this is extremely off topic but it's something I've been thinking about for... a very long time.

    Well, does anyone have any? Want to share a story about it?

    Pictures help but not needed. I know there's a lot of job limitations with them but it's still something I'm considering.

    I figured there was no better place than to learn from people themselves.

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    Um, i'm confused ? Is this about body piercings ???

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    This is a forum for all things PS3, not body piercings, com'on now... most people aren't too quick to snap a pic of their body holes and post it online... I suggest going to the piercing shop and watching someone get a metal rod slammed through their tongue and watch their face as it goes in.. That's what i did and it satisfied a lot of my urges to get any rod slammed through any part of me... i said a lot of my urges but not all... LO F'ing L ...
    Last edited by AverageGamer; 10-30-2012 at 03:31 AM

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    This is our Offtopic (whatever you wanna talk about) chat section though, so if it's piercings then so be it.

    As long as any pics posted are clean and PG-safe we are OK with it pretty much.

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    Piercings are generally bad, make sure the rod that is piercing you is clean and sterilized before it reaches who knows where it may have been, and yea waaaaaaaaaay off topic.

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    Well facial piercings.

    I know this is really off topic, but I just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with them.

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    I used to have my eyebrow pierced once upon a time but took it out to get a real job. People start to notice if you have to cover it every single day with a band-aid, if you get a removable stud it helps. The tongue piercing closes up the fastest, possibly within hours it starts to.

    Only go to clean legitimate places like the mall, known tattoo places, ect.

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    Me personally not a big fan of the piercings. Just an opinion. Yea plus if you want to get a job you wouldn't want something sticking out of you when you go for that interview, unless of course its a creative job.

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    I'm not too sure where I stand on piercing seeing as how I've never really thought about getting them lol. I know my cousin's fiance had piercing last thanksgiving, and all the older family members dogged the mess out of her about it. Constantly

    Reminds me of that random piercing video that used to be in the related vid section of a bunch of different unrelated videos

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    Imagine eating with a piercing on your tongue, oh and if you pierce the wrong ear people might consider you... well you know what. make sure its the right one heehe


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