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    Lol, I remember watching some like that on tv. Had to be either on fox or adultswim I think

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    Sep 2011
    Lol a tongue piercing... Lol. If I were to ever get my tongue pierced I would rather have it split instead.

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    Oct 2010
    i don't have any peircings or tattoos. not for me. but each to there own. though i like real tattoo art and would like to get some to cover my old track marks. but i doubt i'll ever get anything like that done.

    Quote Originally Posted by Foo View Post
    Lol a tongue piercing... Lol. If I were to ever get my tongue pierced I would rather have it split instead.
    get the horn implants on your forehead too bro.. LMAO i reckon the ladies would love the split tounge in action though. hehe
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    Sep 2010
    Honestly, I've always loved piercings on chicks. Mainly stud piercing on lip, navel piercing, or other secretive places For me? Eh, not really into it. My cousin is into that thing though, and he split his tongue.. TWICE, cause the first time it started healing back up, lol I didn't even know it could begin reattaching itself back together.

    As for tats, I've always loved tribal tattoos, but I'm just not sure how much I'd "love" them once I get old and wrinkly lol. They should invent some semi-permanent ink or something that lasts for 6 months or whatever then I'd be interested haha.

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    Semi permanent ink already exists. It has some weird name that I can't remember though.

    I have my tongue pierced. And yeah people might have some strange looks on they're face while having it done but you can't really blame them

    And yes they do heal up fast as fudge, I went for an interview and took it out just in case. 1 hour and 15 min later as I came out and tried putting it back in it was healed up! There was just a slight dent noticeable, so I forced it through myself. Not very smart considering I could have paralysed my face, it wasn't really sterile and I was in the public toilets. It also felt pretty damn weird as if it was like semi sealed?

    You know when you get glue and stick two pages together then pull them apart it's like stringy? That's what it felt like as I pushed it back through.

    I'm not saying this to gross people out btw lol just thought I'd share some experience for people that think about having it done.

    And to address the eating, you don't actually notice any difference. You kinda blank it out like your brain blanks out your nose within your sight so it appears invisible. The only issue is if you have a metal ball you can really mess your teeth up so go for a plastic one. And yes sometimes you may accidentally bite it and it's not very pleasant. It's just something you have to learn not to do.

    Overall I'm happy with mine!

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    Oct 2012
    ive got left nipple pierced vertically , and too many tatts to mention, but i was a tattooist and had to practice somewhere lol.

    i dont tattoo anymore, but will be starting to again soon since my misses keeps moaning about the unfinished one on her leg looool.

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    i got my ears pierced when i was 19 but haven't worn them since 22 and that was 6 years ago

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    Brow and ear pierced... i regret it

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    i have three in one ear, 4 in another, two in my tongue a bullring and a huge crow for my son tattooed on my back. I'm 26 and a licensed ASE Master Technician. Piercings don't always mean crap jobs.

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    Hello, i don't have any peircings.

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