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    Unhappy Original Lego Star Wars not working

    My Lego Star Wars game (Origianl - not a backup) had been playing fine until yesterday. Now it doesn't load. It gets to the "Playstation" screen and then reverts to the browser showing both the memory card & the CD. The disc has no scratches that I can see. Upon loading the CD motor makes a slight grinding noise, speeds up and then reverts to the browser. My other CD based games (Virtua Fighter 4 & Namco Museum) play fine (no unusual noises) as do all of my DVD based games. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    This slight grinding noise may mean you will need to open up your PS2 and have a little "Spring Clean". Here is some information from my previous post which may help:

    It is the #6 post which you will be looking for.

    Hope this helps & welcome to PS3News!

    P.S. If you haven't opened up a PS2 console before, than please do say so instructions can be given so there are no mistakes in resolving the problem.

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