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    Srry for making another thread but today i backedup two of my games. First i tried playing madden and nba 06. (backups) they both got through the dnas and to the lobby but when i tried to play it said: Failed to Connect (it wouldnt connect with the other player)???? Why woudnt it connect?

    But than when i played the orignial it connected and after a while it came through and played fine.

    Why would the backups get through all the dna$ thnings and not be able to connect to a player? The player was in full signal strentgh (the three green bars).

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    anyone kno? is it the problem with me patching the Dn@$ or something else. Im not sure cause it gets to the lobby of the game but i cant connect with the player. But my original works?

    Can someone help me?

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    Sounds like firewall issues to me. Try an original game and see if you can get online and place a challenge or receive challege. If you cant do this.

    Open your router control panel in your internet browser on your computer. Most likely your gateway is
    Type in your browser hit enter. IF that doesnt work you will need to go pull up a command prompt and type ipconfig. This will display your default gateway. Open up the necessary ports. Im not sure what they are. I just enable DMZ to the ps2 ip address. Which opens up every port to that ip address. Most likely your router has DMZ also. You could just enable that if you dont know the ports to open. Usually listened in applications and gaming sections in linksys routers. If you only have your computer and ps2 plugged into the router, then most likley your ps2 will have ip address 1 number higher. Example your computer may be then your ps2 ips is most likely

    Hope this helps.

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    As long as it get past the DNA Authorziation 401 thing you should be ok.

    I've had some problems with that too, even with the originals.
    I power down the router, modem, and computer. Restart modem and router then the ps2, works every time.

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