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    One of the PS2's greatest titles is scheduled for release on the Wii

    One of the biggest surprises of the PS2 game library for a lot of people was Okami. Lauded by both game critics and gamers alike, Okami proved that what people really wanted was something different.

    Sure, a good Resident Evil title was always a plus, and God of War is an excellent series, but haven't we seen stuff like that before? Okami was unique because it honestly did implement a gameplay mechanic that nobody had ever seen before.

    And now, Wii owners are getting a chance to experience the magic of Okami in a remake of the PS2 classic, with some awesome Wii additions (namely, the control scheme) thrown in.

    Even the premise of Okami is incredibly unique -- you play as a god in the form of a wolf tasked with bringing life back to a dying world. The story was surprisingly good in the PS2 version of the game, and one aspect that really helped it out was the fantastically-written dialogue.

    The same certainly holds true for the Wii version, which features a wonderfully full-fledged storyline and fantastic writing. Characters are diverse and varied, each with their unique personalities, and make the game all the more enjoyable to play.

    One of the PS2's greatest titles is scheduled for release on the Wii

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    Yes! I'd been anticipating a port of this game.

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    I hope its just not a direct port with just the ability to use the wii remote added. I would like to see some new stuff in the game. Either way I'm looking forward to it.

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    until now thats the only thing that they changed for the ported games to the wii me hope too for new stuff. or knows someone a game that get specials for the wii me not

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    I played the japanese version on the ps2, but i don't like the way the controls are handled on the ps2 (actually I don't like ps controllers in general, anyways). If this one arrives I'll probably pick it up.

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