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    Official GC Trainers thread!

    This is where we will keep all of the GameCube TRAiNERS that are available. Enjoy, and ya some posted are VERY old indeed and in .DOL format instead of a PPF patch! There is however a DOL to ELF/BIN converter (from 2003) which I've attached below for those interested.

    Also, it's interesting to NOTE when examining the current Resident_ Evil_4_US+11_GC-Weedcube Trainer it was made with ProDG whereas many of the "homebrew" DOLs have been made with CodeWarrior. Quite pathetic the only GC SDK publically released (leaked) thus far was from December, 2001, excluding the Dolphin SDK (release build: May 21, 2004 09:28). In any case, Enjoy the GC TRAiNERS guys!
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