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    odd text file inside original MGS3 disc...

    Okay, so I was looking through some of my ps2 discs on my ps3 (just because ) and when I was looking through Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, I found an unusual txt file in there.

    I've included two screens:
    the first showing that the text file is from ""Playstation 2" Programmer Tool Runtime Library Release 3.0.2"

    the second shows highlighted text which I thought was both odd and amusing for any software development team to add into their game

    Just thought I'd post this up.
    Any ideas??

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    I believe libeenet is just an open source networking library. They would need to include appropriate credits/readme.txt on the DVD in order to comply with the terms of the license shipped with the library.

    I think a number of titles ship with this file (Ghost Recon, COD3 etc), so is nothing weird.

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    ok thanks for clearin that up for me
    i was just confused when id seen it inside the disc and didnt know what to make of it lol

    anyways +rep for satisfying my bored curiousity!

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    Looks like copyright and a log file to me o.o

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