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    Nintendo Wii System Menu 4.1 for USA & Europe is Released

    Version 4.1 of the System Menu for the Nintendo Wii was released on July 3rd, 2009 in Japan, and now it's available in America and Europe.

    Apparently, there is a bugfix whereby if a VC/WiiWare game is played from SD, and then Wii Sports Resort is played, it forces you to watch the motionplus tutorial, although it was meant to be only watched once, on the first run.

    Wiimpersonator log - what is "HCCJ"?

    HCCJ is a japan exclusive channel. Someone else can explain what, I don't want to look through my logs.

    Apparently named "Set Personal Data" from what I can see, and is a hidden channel.

    Nothing has been broken with this update, bannerbomb works fine, using the hackmii installer to install the likes of the HBC is fine, so no need to worry.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

    OK from what i have been seeing on the web about this update is if you change your wii's system theme when you have 4.1 installed you will semi brick your wii
    and all this update is good for is to fix a glitch in wii sports resort. I will keep a eye this to see if there is more.
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