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    Nintendo Wii Homebrew Channel Update v1.0.1 Available

    Marcan writes today: Okay, so I screwed up a couple things.

    Here's your fixed Homebrew Channel, version 1.0.1, with a couple of bonus fixes too.

    Download: Wii Homebrew Channel Update v1.0.1 [Right-click, Save As]


    * Fixed B button issues (app screen corruption, crash on B+A)
    * Wiimotes now keep the ordering from the System Menu (libogc) (note: they'll switch again when you boot apps that haven't been updated like HBC has - but they would have switched anyway, and HBC can use all Wiimotes, so you don't lose anything while those apps are updated)
    * Hopefully fixed the USB Ethernet issues (couldn't find a tester, even without a USB Gecko... it's like they all disappeared after reporting the bug. Hope this fixes it)
    * Fixed wiimote auto-shutdown (libogc) (now you don't need a ridiculously perfectly still wiimote for it to shut down - playing music won't cause your wiimote batteries to die)
    * Hopefully fixed "video after shutdown" issues (libogc)
    * Changes to () -> *

    Enjoy! More PlayStation 3 News...

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    for the changes, anybody knows what is
    Changes to () -> *

    I am using .8 beta still and considering upgrading to 1.0.1

    Thx in advance.

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