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    Nintendo Wii Homebrew Channel BETA 10, AKA Your Last Chance

    Great news from marcan of Team Twiizers as follows:

    As you all know, we're getting busy with several other projects, and HBC isn't a priority. However, the BETA 9 release had a few rough edges, and some things that should have been fixed weren't.

    So we're giving you the chance to voice your pet peeves about HBC now, and we'll release a new version soon. Consider this version "final" at least for the time being.

    HBC is basically feature-complete, so we won't be adding any new major features, but we want to get rid of some remaining bugs and annoyances. Once this new version is out, you're going to be stuck with it for a while.

    Things that we've already fixed/added for BETA 10:

    - meta.xml now handles non-ASCII characters properly (you can use iso-8859-1 or utf-8 encoding, but utf-8 is restricted to the iso-8859-1 subset)
    - Wiimote shutdown support (in libogc git now - we should have added this earlier)
    - Wiimote rumble now honors the rumble setting
    - A crash bug or two (hard to hit)

    Post a comment if you want something fixed. We reserve the right to fix whatever we want and ignore the rest, but at least we promise we'll listen. Please read the comments before asking for something; we don't want 20 people mentioning the same thing.

    Guys, NO BIG NEW FEATURES. Don't even think about integrating other apps, or adding disc loading, or anything like that. We're talking about small fixes like honoring some setting or adding some minor controller support.

    Classic controller support is plausible. Fixing some graphical problem is doable. Integrating FTPii isn't. Sound isn't. I'm deleting totally implausible posts to keep things sane.

    Note: to the people who requested features which are obviously already in BETA 9 or even BETA 8: shame, shame, shame.

    Speak Up Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    i have the new version of the wii (v3.3U) but the homebrew doesn't work

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    I thinks it's a good feature to customize the order of the applications.. it can use A+B combo like when we move the channels in the Wii Menu.

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