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    Nintendo Wii Backup Launcher v0.3 Released!

    Recently WiiGator has updated Wii Backup Launcher to v0.3, which allows you to play Nintendo Wii backups on your non-modded Wii console.

    As always, the complete changelog is below and this update includes optimized speed, higher compatibilty, and support for loading 1:1 backups from disc channel.

    Download: Wii Backup Launcher v0.3

    Changelog v0.3 Gamma:

    - Optimized speed
    - Higher compatibilty
    - Support loading 1:1 backups from disc channel

    Note: This version is faster, but some videos will play a little bit too slow. This also depends on the quality of your DVD media. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    The compatability is Huge! Its very easy to use and already there is a new update coming so it won't be long for a Full release (get lost of the beta)

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