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    Everybody Votes! channel!

    new channel up in the wii store! just got email from nintendo to update the wii b4 you can download the everybody votes channel. i dont know if it updates the firmware or not does anyone know?

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    You download the Everybody Votes Channel from the Wii Shopping Channel but you MUST also do a firmware update to use the new channel.

    I myself am still too busy with Zelda and Red Steel so I'm not going to update just in case. At least til I get bored with Wii games.

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    Yeah, looks like you can download it no problems from the store - but to actually use it you MUST update your wii firmware (System update).

    I'm holding off updating my firmware until i hear of some exploits! (hoping Wii go the same way the PSP did )

    (To me it doesn't look like anything worth potentially losing homebrew over!)
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    Nintendo Launches 'Everybody Votes' Channel!

    The new channel allows you to register your Miis as voters. Once thatís done, they have questions up (Nintendo-made and submitted!) that each of your registered Miis can vote on. Then, you also predict what you think the majority will vote for. It tracks these statistics by Mii as well! Head to the Wii Shop Channel, then Wii Ware, and download!
    I personally haven't updated since launch day and this is not worth it to me... but it's something new.
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    I updated my Wii to get this, its interesting, but hold little if any true value for a gamer. it does require you to update your Wii console so if any exploits are to bee found for previous versions they may have been patched for this.

    Questions are added daily, sometimes hourly, and seem to be user submitted. There are global and regional questions that are placed. You can answer the question, and also "predict" what other people will answer.

    The global questions may be interesting to those pursueing a socialogy degree, as you can see how differing countries answer the questions.

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