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    Nintendo Goes Green for Spring with New DS Lite Green Bundle

    Nintendo has sprung up a new DS Lite bundle. The Nintendo DS Lite Green Spring Bundle arrives just in time for spring, and for Mother's Day.

    To quote from the Press Release: Ah, spring. The time when everyone's fancy turns to... video games. To celebrate the season of growth and rejuvenation, Nintendo announces the blooming of a new Nintendo DS? system color: Green.

    The cool new color comes bundled with a hip carrying case and a copy of the Personal Trainer?: Cooking video game, which serves as an interactive cooking coach.

    The new bundle will be available on May 3, which just happens to be a week before Mother's Day (hint, hint). Just like everyone else, moms are always looking for new and interesting meal ideas. Personal Trainer: Cooking includes more than 245 recipes from around the world, along with step-by-step instructions for how to prepare them.

    The Nintendo DS Lite Green Spring Bundle is available for pre-order here, at a $149.99 MSRP.

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    Just... wow... this save the environment thing has officially hit it's lowest point.

    I misread this, sorry, I read it again and I see that it is a really cool bundle with the exception of the I can't truly call it a "cool bundle" but...whatever I like the color. I'll go and get this when it comes out and pray that it has a non bundle version of the DSI, however if it does I am totally going to give the game back and hope that it pays me for buying it. XD However even if I don't get any money in return I'll not be keeping the game and it can go back to Nintendo for all I care....I gotta stop before I start ranting.

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    Like the color, wish they would have done that to the DSi though

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    Quote Originally Posted by areynoso23 View Post
    Like the color, wish they would have done that to the DSi though
    They may still, don't fret.

    Anyways... Nothing says spring like a green nintendo ds and a cooking game.... oh wait...
    yay nintendo

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