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    Poll Next Generation Consoles: Which is truly Next Gen?

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    As you can see from the title, this post is about the next generation consoles and their true "Next-Generation" Value. I will be covering the Next Generation Specs, Features, and Compatibility Rates. This will all calculate into an opinion value of what the consoles should truly cost in my opinion!



    PS4: The PS4 includes an 8-Core x86 AMD Jaguar CPU, Support for the PS Vita Remote Play Feature, 8GB of unified GDDR5 Memory, Blu-Ray Player, Next Generation AMD Radeon Based GPU, 1280 x 800 Camera, HDMI Support, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, USB 3.0.

    -The CPU is a new & fast CPU for consoles & faster than Xbox One CPU.

    -Control/View/Play your PS4 on the PS Vita via a second screen feature known as remote play.

    -8GB of *UNIFIED* GDDR5 RAM. Better memory type than the Xbox One's DDR3. 8GB usable for PS4 Games. While Xbox One OS takes up 3GB and leaves 5GB DDR3 for Xbox Games.

    -Blu-Ray Player as like the original PS3.

    -GPU runs at approximately 1.84 TERAFLOPS. Compared to the Xbox One's small 1.2 TERAFLOPS.

    -Better sized dimension camera.

    -HDMI support like most consoles should and do have.

    -Bluetooth support. Unlike Xbox One.

    XBOX ONE: 8-Core AMD Custom CPU, AMD Radeon 7790 GPU, 8GB DDR3 Memory (5GB Unified), 500GB HDD, Blu-Ray Support, 1080p camera, HDMI, USB 3.0.

    -The CPU is very good, but clocks in a bit less power than the PS4.

    -The GPU is not very good compared to the PS4. Xbox One's GPU currently holds about 1.2 TERAFLOPS of power while the PS4's GPU currently holds a whopping 1.84 TERAFLOPS!

    -8GB of DDR3 Memory. Not very good up against the PS4. Considering the PS4 uses a higher standard (faster) memory type than the Xbox One. The Xbox Ones's RAM also is only 5GB of unified RAM for Games because the Xbox OS takes up 3GB of the 8GB portion. The PS4 however, has 8GB of unified RAM for games. That is 3GB more RAM than the Xbox!

    -500GB of HDD Space. I personally don't think this is enough memory for Next-Gen consoles considering my current PS3 is 500GB and has only 90 Games installed with only 50GB of memory left.

    -Blu-ray Support. Well, took that from PS3/4 I suppose. But it needs it.

    -1080p camera. The PS4 camera has better output.


    PS4 PROS:

    -Screen Capture / Livestream
    -Cloud Gaming (GaiKai)
    -Backwards Compatibility to old PlayStation Games (Via Disk (maybe), and Cloud Gaming)
    -Cross Game Chat
    -Free Online Play
    -Share Button
    -Friends can take over your game and help you.
    -Free-to-Play Games
    -PS Plus offers free games!
    -Play PS4 Games on the Go with the PS Vita Remote Play Feature.
    -Open Source for Developers
    -Install Other OS feature may be returning with a new custom kernel.
    -Friends List limited has been removed.
    -Focuses on Gaming
    -PlayStation Move
    -TONS of new exclusives!


    -Watch TV
    -Voice Commands
    -Internet Explorer
    -Live Stream
    -Some nice exclusives
    -Cant think of more for this thing

    PS4 CONS (Let me think about some, if any):

    -Backwards compatibility may not be good.
    -I honestly can't think of more


    -Must have Internet Connections EVERY 24 Hours!
    -Lower-End Specs
    -Low HDD Space
    -No used Games.
    -Used Game Fees.
    -Only 1 Game Trade
    -Must pay for online
    -Must have camera connected to play

    Well, it seems like we should tally up the good to the bad with Xbox and PS.


    Xbox One - Many Cons, small Pros: I think my max pay would be $99 (I would be embarrassed to have one anyhow)

    PS4 - Tons of Pros, many development portions, free online, hardly any cons: I personally would pay $699 for the PS4 because of its many features, specs, exclusives, and free games! I would be a VERY proud owner of the PlayStation 4!


    Give me a "thanks" on this post if this gave you a good idea about which console to get and my recommended prices I would personally pay for these consoles.

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    I saw this comparison as well (via dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2339343/PlayStation-4-price--399--100-cheaper-Xbox-One.html):

    Price: $399 (U.S) 349 (UK)
    Power: 8GB of DDR3 RAM powered by a custom 8-core AMD CPU plus 500GB hard drive
    Weight: 2.8 kg
    Used-game fee: No
    Motion control: DualShock 4, PlayStation 4 Eye, PlayStation Move
    Voice commands: No
    Internet: No requirement for device to be connected to the Internet in order to function
    No fee in order to play used games
    Bluetooth compatibility

    XBox One
    Price: $499 (U.S) 429 (UK)
    Power: 8-core x86-64 AMD 'Jaguar' CPU and 8GB of GDDR5 RAM plus hard drive space
    Weight: 3.18 kg
    Used-game fee: Yes
    Motion control: Kinect 2
    Voice commands: Yes
    Internet: XBox One must connect to the internet at least once every 24 hours or once an hour when using another user's console
    Fee for used games
    Not Bluetooth compatible

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    I find it funny how the better console costs less money LMAO

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    At one point in time, they were talking about a completely virtual online console.

    You basically bought the controller, setup an account, then paid for and played every game online. I assume they would still have the wide variety of controllers like guns, steering wheels, guitars, motion controllers, etc..

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    MS screwed themselves over this time, and they won't even realise it, and prevent Sony from winning next gen, Amazon getting sold out on PS4 already...

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    I personally couldn't see any MS fanboy buying the Xbox One. Unless they were just that much of a fanboy

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    I can tell that this comparison is made by a Sony fan. Why is every single pro mentioned for PS4 and why are only the weak things mentioned for the Xbox One? If you're mentioning cross game chat for PS4, then also put that on the Xbox One list, seriously.

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    I already preordered 2 ps4s.

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    The main reason is because they bundle the new Kinect device with the console, where as Sony just sells the console, controller and a cheap mic.

    As far as which console is more next-gen.... Well, at least the PS4 uses GDDR5 as system wide memory which is something different, where as DDR3 is pretty common. PS4 also has a new touch pad on the controller, which isn't new technology but at least they added more functionality to the controller without changing the overall shape.

    The XBOX One is the first console to be this integrated with TV and I'm sure a lot of people, even those who don't care about gaming would enjoy it.

    For me I'm a die hard Playstation fan. I have a lot of history with playstation consoles and their exclusive titles. I will even say that I was jealous of how easy it was to get games running on the 360 and what everyone told me is a superior online experience. This time around I think Playstation has the edge and after last generation I'm happy we get to experience the better side, but I will always stick to the Playstation console unless something reasonably superior ever gets released.

    Also, a lot of XBOX games seem to be coming to the PC more and more, with many even having 360 gamepad support by default, which for a PC gamer makes the choice to getting a PS4 instead easier because you might already have your favorite 360 titles on PC anyway.

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    PS has won all generations to me. Better hardware and online. Tons of exclusives to. The only good thing I can think of on Xbox is Halo.


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